Website Development

Gojo Software develops and maintains dynamic & interactive websites.

We work with existing graphic material and text encoding tools to create websites.

The objective of websites is to be current and interactive while offering value-added service to your clients by using information and communication technologies to improve connections between your organization and your client.

Websites we build will help your organization:

  • Establish an online portal to advertise and show your products,
  • Provide a clear online message and easy navigation,
  • Offer information on your organization products specific to its market segments,
  • Promote organizational brand, awareness creation and increase global visibility,
  • Keep your customers and business partners better informed,
  • Create informative and interactive elements,
  • Increase customer convenience,
  • Broaden exposure with increased Internet marketing,
  • Promote the exchange of information and sharing of ideas in an accessible manner.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide Enterprise Solutions for small to large companies.


E-commerce platform designed and built to provide a leading online commerce society globally.

Electronic Fund Transfer

EFT platform built for the transfer of money while on E-Commerce or on a supply chain of the Management Information System

Gojo Management Information System

Transforming management process to automated management information system is an important business objective; as traditional structures are often ineffective in producing desired levels of productivity, customer service, employee welfare, and shareholder value.

Gojo-MIS offers a full-fledged MIS system to companies engaged in diverse sectors with multitude business logic & requirements: up on which we geared system functionalities up.

Construction Project Management System

Construction Project Management Information System is a web based system that helps an organization to plan and control construction site works before and during contract period. It generates required management reports and analysis on request and on periodic basis.

Other Software

Gojo BOQ

Gojo CutLog